Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Kirsty's Patch - August 2012

A bitterly cold day, it was snowing on the Mountain and raining at our house. Melanie took this beautiful photo shortly after vegie group.

A good day for eating cake (Nigella's image)


Orange & poppy seed biscuits
Orange poppy seed biscuits  (mine had no icing)
 Munching on cinnamon sugar on fruit toast

And eating pumpkin and feta muffins (which I noted with great pride contained home grown pumpkin, chives, spinach and parsley).
I thought chewing would be the main form of morning exercise.

But, after much nagging from a very keen little boy "When are we going outside?" we braved the mud and cold.

 Excess newspapers from the news agency, and a magic pudding pile of mulch.

My fruit trees are now beautifully mulched and weeded. Great to be locking in all that moisture and improving the soil.

Parking on grass is a perilous affair this month, it has never been so wet, poor Melanie fell victim to the swamp. A little mulch and pushing saved the day.

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