Monday, 18 July 2011

Lise's Garden

In the beginning........

The first crop
Creating the mandala

Mums hard at work
Yet another barrow of mulch
Vegie group kids    

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Lise's Fennel and Orange Salad

Here is the Fennel and Orange salad recipe which was requested after we had our end of term lunch at Catherine's house last Friday.


fennel   fine shredded
cabbage  fine shredded
green capsicum
orange zest
spring onion
roasted hazelnuts

Dressing ingredients:

olive oil
sesame oil
orange zest
balsamic vinegar
Dijon mustard
orange juice

This recipe has no exact measurements and is open to messing about with. Basically everything is finely shredded or chopped and then combined. The dressing is the basic two parts oil one part vinegar/juice and add everything else to taste. You could also add garlic and/or ginger to make it a bit more Asian. Have fun!

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